The 90.10. VirtualCube

The 90.10. VirtualCube

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The 90.10. VirtualCube gives you various advantages compared to the 3D Cube. For the quantum physical treatment of objects, it offers you more possibilities, more freedom, and lets you work more precisely. You simply load the photos of the objects you want to treat into a folder that 90.10. has prepared for you.


Instant Activation Technology

As soon as the photo of an object is in your VirtualCube, the quantum energy and the selected frequencies have full effect on the object.

For comparison: With the 3D CUBE, the waiting time is up to three hours. Only after this time is an object in the energy field of the cube charged with quantum energy and frequencies in full strength.

Energy and frequencies for your individual needs

With the VirtualCube, you yourself determine the energy strength with which the objects selected are treated. You can start with 450 QEPPs and increase the energy strength step by step. If the energy is too strong for you, you can lower its output or interrupt it completely. Frequencies can be added, exchanged, or deleted.

For comparison: Using the 3D Cube, you can treat objects with quantum energy in a maximum strength of 450 QEPPs. For a higher energy output, the Forever Freedom Pack is required, whereby you cannot define individual energy strengths with it either, but increase the energy output exponentially from cube to cube. Neither the 3D Cube nor the Forever Freedom Pack can lower quantum energy once it has been burned into an object. Furthermore, frequencies cannot be deleted or changed, only added.

Tiny little and very large objects

Whether it's a pair of ear studs or a radio mast - with the VirtualCube, you are completely free in the quantum physical refinement of objects and not limited to a maximum burning space.

For comparison: With the 3D Cube, your burning space measures approx. 15 x 15 centimeters. If you put the cube on its side, you can also add energy to taller objects, such as a flower vase. The Forever Freedom Pack allows you to expand the burning space to a maximum of 160 centimeters.

Multiple burning processes at the same time

Your smartphone, your wallet, your necklace, your favorite scarf, and your bicycle helmet are to receive different energy outputs and frequencies. All these things and many more can be quantum physically treated at the same time in the VirtualCube, without their possibly different frequencies influencing each other.

For comparison: Only one object or a few smaller objects fit into the burning space of the 3D Cube or a Cube of the Forever Freedom Pack, but they should all be of the same type so that their possibly different frequencies do not influence each other.

Energy and frequencies at certain conditions

With the If-Then function, you determine under which conditions an object emits energy and frequencies. For example, you can apply this function to a chair and set the condition that you sit on it.

For comparison: If an object in a 3D cube is enriched with energy and frequencies, it will emit this energy and frequencies all the time from that moment on. For people who have not yet had contact with quantum energy or who are sensitive to it, this can temporarily cause discomfort.

Energy and frequencies at certain times

With the timer function, you set a time or time window at which an object emits energy and frequencies. This function is useful for travelling on planes or trains for which you reserve a specific seat.

For comparison: Timing of energy and frequencies is not possible with the 3D Cube. A treated object emits energy and frequencies constantly.

Deletion of harmful information

The delete function allows you to delete harmful information that an object possibly or probably stores by naming the information directly. Other properties of the object that are desired are not affected by this.

For comparison: In the 3D Cube, negative information can be neutralized. Deleting information is not possible.

How it works

After you have purchased your VirtualCube, you will receive an instruction on how to proceed. As soon as your VirtualCube has been activated, you can use it.

Money-back guarantee

The 90.10. VirtualCube comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Within this time you can return the VirtualCube and get 100 percent of the purchase price refunded.