90.10.-POWERCAPSULE MasterFunction

90.10.-POWERCAPSULE MasterFunction

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Inspiration for 90.10. Cube owners
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With the MasterFunction for the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE you can adapt every energy capsule ever produced by 90.10. to your individual needs.

Your possibilities

Raise the energy output of the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE when you are ready for more energy. Lower the energy output when you have too much energy. You can even pause or stop the output completely.

It's similar with the frequencies: Test yourself through the range of 90.10. frequencies, combine them with quantum energy and/or add your own frequency affirmations. Exchange frequencies or delete them if they are not for you or if you want to work with others temporarily.

Quantity: 1 MasterFunction for one 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE

Activating the MasterFunction

After ordering the MasterFunction, you will receive an email with your order number and another email with instructions on how to activate the MasterFunction (for which you will need your order number). Follow the steps in the instructions.

Note: We do not ship 90.10.-POWERCAPSULEs on this network.

If you order this service, we will provide the MasterFunction for a 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE you already own. This service is permanent.

If you wish to purchase a 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE, you can do so in the 90.10.-Shop for the 3D products.


The 90.10. Quantum Download Network is still young. That' s why there are no feedback videos for this object yet. Be the first to send one in! We are looking forward to it.