Collection: Energetic Cleansing

Each place on earth has an individual energy, which each person feels intuitively. Animals and plants also perceive this energy and behave accordingly, either by seeking proximity/ growing and prospering there, or rather by giving it a wide berth/not prospering. Places with pleasant charisma, which are called "power places", are often located on hills or mountains, in old monasteries or monastery ruins, at special rock formations or ancient trees, at wells or springs.

The individual energy of a place depends on its energetic vibrational field. Both natural conditions and events have influenced it. Thus, memorials, fields, streets, but also residential and vacation homes and hotel rooms can radiate an extremely negative energy, depending on what happened there or who lived there. If such a place is not energetically cleansed, it continues to store and amplify the negative energy for centuries or even millennia. In addition, such a place manipulates its visitors or inhabitants by making them conform to its energetic vibrational field or to subordinate to it. Depending on personal issues and character, a person thus falls more easily and quickly into negative emotional states such as self-doubt, sadness, guilt, or aggression. On the other hand, power places have a very positive influence on the physical energy fields by harmonizing the energetic structure.

Use our download service to energetically cleanse places where you do not feel well or which you want to free from foreign energy.

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